Saturday, June 18, 2005

191.5k oil + filter changes

emptied oil using vacuum method. changed oil filter. changed primary and secondary fuel filters. filled oil with 15w40 chevron heavy duty oil. topped off coolant (<1 quart). tried installing tint, but came out messy.

Wednesday, June 08, 2005

hood pad

glued new hood pad into place using 3m super trim spray. installed new floor mats.

to do:
o install tint
o install brake pad wear sensors
o oil and filter change
o fuel filter change (primary and secondary)
o exterior trim fixes
o remove satellite internet boxes

Friday, May 27, 2005


installed Kenwood CD-MP3 player, hooked up automatic antenna, but antenna does not go all the way up. maybe there's an adjustment.

on order - will arrive next week:
o floor mats
o window tint
o 3M Super Trim Spray

to do:
o install brake wear sensors
o oil and filter change
o fuel filter change

Thursday, May 19, 2005

some minor repairs

replaced strip fuse, A/C blower now working great. replaced air filter. filled in some windshield chips, but really need to do it again on a hot day with the car in the sun. sunroof seal is a bit tight still, but seems to function much better than before. tried to stretch out the aft section and even out the strain. sunroof at least functions now. peeled off remnants of last hood pad, tried to clean up as much as possible. new hood pad ready to apply, but need to find some 3M Super Trim Spray first.

Monday, May 16, 2005

First Weekend Work

o registration
o insurance
o diagnosed A/C problem (strip fuse blown)
o applied leather conditioner (mostly connoly's, maguire on driver seat)
o start to fill in windshield cracks
o new tires on rear, costco
o try to fix sunroof seal with RTV

on order:
o strip fuses
o brake sensors
o air filter
o fuel filters
o oil filter
o hood pad
o MP3 CD player
o floor mats?

to buy:
o more windshield repair goo
o 3M spray

Friday, May 13, 2005

Bio Benz 2 inaugural

Picked up the car from Concord last night.. already has 191k on the clock.

Things to do:
o registration
o insurance

things to find in junkyard:
o repair fuel filler door -- rubber bits
o small piece of trim by right rear wheel
o bumper clamp by right rear wheel
o hood emblem?

things to fix in the car:
o A/C blower
o cruise control
o stereo/MP3

o wash/polish/wax (especially hood) rubbing compound where needed
o windshield and headlight chips
o stitch interior
o new floormats
o leather restore oil
o console carpet
o front seats (lower)

o remove networking gear
o 2nd tank
o heated filter
o pollak
o veg-therm
o wiring
o control console