Friday, May 13, 2005

Bio Benz 2 inaugural

Picked up the car from Concord last night.. already has 191k on the clock.

Things to do:
o registration
o insurance

things to find in junkyard:
o repair fuel filler door -- rubber bits
o small piece of trim by right rear wheel
o bumper clamp by right rear wheel
o hood emblem?

things to fix in the car:
o A/C blower
o cruise control
o stereo/MP3

o wash/polish/wax (especially hood) rubbing compound where needed
o windshield and headlight chips
o stitch interior
o new floormats
o leather restore oil
o console carpet
o front seats (lower)

o remove networking gear
o 2nd tank
o heated filter
o pollak
o veg-therm
o wiring
o control console


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